Accomplish a lot….

My father always said,

“you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.” ~ Big Jim

I am living proof of that. I have a subconscious that covertly aids the procrastinator in me. I have been meaning to get started writing for sometime. I can list any number of excuses here, but they all provide no measure of relief to my frustration in having not been posting my thoughts. I should have been writing more all along the journey, and in the recent months after, if only for my kids. I owe them my thoughts, as once I am gone, they will be left only with questions about their Dad like I am for the guy I quoted above. There we will be things they know, and that which they don’t. Leaving only memories and questions. So should I get over my subconscious hurdle of “not writing” – these words will be for those two kiddos that make this world so great. (Sorry, I always over share, so I suppose overwriting, will come pretty natural to me.)

slow going …

continued progress eliminating extraneous garbage from drawers, cubbards, closets, basement corners  etc. The wife has the kids doing their best to eliminate things. This house has to sell, and must look nice and clutter free to be appealing. 

It kills me that some of this stuff doesn’t get recycled or goodwilled or composted. However, to get to the point where I want us to be as a minimalistic adventure centric family we have to keep the train moving. As it is I walk every scrap of paper I can to the recycling bin. Keep Hopi g to hit the break through point where, well, where I feel…I would describe it if I knew what it felt like I only assume it feels good. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be another big purge day. I wish I had a fire pit. It would be so much more fun.