The Master Plan!

Would love to say we have a detailed plan for our travels. travels that will take us across the United States logging 10s of thousands of miles.
We do not. We aren’t to that point yet. We had hoped to be 10 months into travels by this point. However,
at this point after approximately a year of having our home for sale and dozens of humans marching through our bedroom while we were forced out with the dogs, running errands, or even sitting in the neighbors driveway to see how long the potential buyer spent to hopefully give us some glimmer of hope. Hope, that the cat and mouse process would come to an end. As of this posting it has not yet. But there is interest, apparently our adjusted pricing is such that more folks are ‘considering it’. I guess for the last 9 months the folks who “liked” our house didn’t consider offering 5% less than the asking price.

Lessons learned I suppose, but I don’t look forward to acing this course the next time. Selling a home has been the pain in the ass everyone said it would be. We’ve even given in to a superstition I had never heard of. I don’t think I actually followed directions. Typical.
The laboring process has afforded us time to slowly get rid of lots of stuff, and make final adjustments to the house, painting, fixing leaky facets, etc. We have also been afforded time to identify what type of rig we want for our travels. Right now we are focused on a Class A recreational Vehicle of either the Gas or diesel powered variety.  We should probably be doing more research and RV dealer visits, on a constant basis, but trying to run a business, and home school two varmints eats up most of our time. (More on this process to come, as we vacillate on the what features matter most to us.)

Hopefully the final adjustments to the house will be enough to seal the deal with an interested party, but as things have gone thus far nothing is certain.