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Accomplish a lot….

My father always said, “you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.” ~ Big Jim I am living proof of that. I have a subconscious that covertly aids the procrastinator in me. I have been meaning to get started writing for sometime. I can list any […]

San Diego- Month 6… er somethin- Now heading home for a visit

To say I am overwhelmed might be an overstatement, but probably not. We’ve been on this trip for 6 months. Just the 6 of us. 4 humans, 2 dogs. It has been awesome, see Facebook posts (they must be having the time of their lives our friends say!). And it has been tough, (in a […]

Monument Valley- Mile 12,000 and somethin…

Happy Weekend from Monument Valley, a Navajo Tribal land. Don’t know where Monument Valley is? It’s on the Utah Arizona Border, and was home to a bunch of John Wayne westerns and more recently Westworld, a show on HBO. Also a ton of car commercials have been filmed on this striking landscape. Who can forget […]

Mile 10,103 – Best Part of the Trip So Far…

Fort Collins, CO – October 27 We appreciate all the inquiries as to how we’re doing. It means a lot. We have plenty of travel stories to share that will come in blog posts once I hit my stride and Liz decides to quit slacking. But I do feel some urgency to answer a common […]

Mile 8937: Get it in gear!

Well, we’ve been trying to Find Fun… right? Whatever that means. So writing hasn’t been tops on our list. We’ve been keeping notes about our adventures, but the goal after the work is done for the day is NOT to sit back down in front of the computer screen to hone our blogging skills. So we […]

mile 705: Laurel Hill State Park

mile: 705 Laurel Hill State Park Hey this is our first official stop! The spot they gave us was seated right next to the bath house. It was clean enough. But were they trying to tell us something. Did they know we were new at this? Neighbors: Fine. We watched a guy with a jay feather […]

Mile 580: Belmar Village, near Franklin PA

Mile 580: Belmar Village: You can’t stay here. It is my Mom’s place on the Allegheny River, and she doesn’t have a 30 AMP hookup. So, Sorry. However, the Belmar Bridge and conjoining bike trails are thoroughly enjoyable to anyone who would like to cover some scenic miles along the Allegheny river. Rent a SUP […]