Mile 580: Belmar Village, near Franklin PA

Mile 580:
Belmar Village:
You can’t stay here.

2016-06-21 20.37.58

Poor Mans tow.

It is my Mom’s place on the Allegheny River, and she doesn’t have a 30 AMP hookup.

So, Sorry.
However, the Belmar Bridge and conjoining bike trails are thoroughly enjoyable to anyone who would like to cover some scenic miles along the Allegheny river.
Rent a SUP at Wiegels, grab a sub at Leonardos, and stroll through the parks downtown to make it an enjoyable visit to Franklin Pennsylvania.

Kids give this location: 5 stars
They got to eat whatever they wanted for breakfast and late night snacks thanks to my brothers lax bed time/sugar restrictions on his kids made this place hard to beat.