Preface to a new beginning: The digital world has me about worn out. The Me, me, me, mentality has me annoyed. And the screens I have been staring at have me wearing readers. 1.25 magnification, but readers nonetheless.

At some point on the trip after seeing a “friend” on facebook and instagram post pic and video after pic and video with themselves at the center promoting nothing more than themselves I decided to take a step back from sharing this trip. Not that I was going crazy in the sharing department, but I was worried that the feedback from the sharing would start to dictate what I photographed or videoed during the day, or even how I planned my day. And I just didn’t like the way it looked. Look at me! Look at me!
That, plus about 25 years of staring at screens has be about worn out from that exercise. A wise friend of mine postulated that

“the only way to be different these days is to shut up.”

Those words ring in my head, daily. 

So, I curtailed my sharing of too much on the road, as I didn’t want anything interfering with the time I was supposed to be spending on the road, soaking it all in WITH my family. You know, “being present” like the life coaches say. They say that,  I’ve heard it, and I yes, I cringed too.
I took a hiatus until I was ready to recount the trip with the “wisdom” of someone who has done it.
And I suppose I did, I lived on the road with my family for over a year, traveling thousands of miles across the country, within a balled up socks throw of his immediate family the entire time. And it was truly great, during the experience, and after when you realize you were hooked to an endorphin drip that gave you a little “bump” everyday by the sheer newness of the place.

We posted pictures from time to time on Facebook, and I kept a log of our adventures thankfully, and so now I will share them going forward for those who are interested in;

  • the fulltime RVing lifestyle,
  • the perils of RVing
  • the general goings on in a middle age Dad’s head when he’s on the road
  • some of the amazing places there are to visit on and off the beaten path in this country
  • and the pros and cons of ending(well let’s say “pausing”) the full time lifestyle
  • how and when not to unload a 270lb motorcross bike
  • marijuana vs. ibuprofen when you have a separated shoulder
  • the perils of the home buying process when you come off a year when you didn’t earn as much you did the year before
  • and a bunch of other stuff that 35,000 miles of wisdom provides

So here’s to writing something worth your time!
{Look at me!}