Accomplish a lot….

My father always said,

“you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.” ~ Big Jim

I am living proof of that.
I have a subconscious that covertly aids the procrastinator in me. I have been meaning to get started writing for sometime. I can list any number of excuses here, but they all provide no measure of relief to my frustration in having not been posting my thoughts. I should have been writing more all along the journey, and in the recent months after, if only for my kids. I owe them my thoughts, as once I am gone, they will be left only with questions about their Dad like I am for the guy I quoted above. There we will be things they know, and that which they don’t. Leaving only memories and questions. So should I get over my subconscious hurdle of “not writing” – these words will be for those two kiddos that make this world so great. (Sorry, I always over share, so I suppose overwriting, will come pretty natural to me.)

I hope to get rolling recounting our trip, scheming new adventures, and attempting to make some of you laugh. I will continue to get inspiration from others (below) who do a much better job than I, and continue on creative adventures that create lasting memories.