mile 705: Laurel Hill State Park

mile: 705 Laurel Hill State Park Hey this is our first official stop! The spot they gave us was seated right next to the bath house. It was clean enough. But were they trying to tell us something. Did they know we were new at this? Neighbors: Fine. We watched a guy with a jay feather […]

Mile 580: Belmar Village, near Franklin PA

Mile 580: Belmar Village: You can’t stay here. It is my Mom’s place on the Allegheny River, and she doesn’t have a 30 AMP hookup. So, Sorry. However, the Belmar Bridge and conjoining bike trails are thoroughly enjoyable to anyone who would like to cover some scenic miles along the Allegheny river. Rent a SUP […]

The Master Plan!

Would love to say we have a detailed plan for our travels. travels that will take us across the United States logging 10s of thousands of miles. We do not. We aren’t to that point yet. We had hoped to be 10 months into travels by this point. However, at this point after approximately a […]

slow going …

continued progress eliminating extraneous garbage from drawers, cubbards, closets, basement corners  etc. The wife has the kids doing their best to eliminate things. This house has to sell, and must look nice and clutter free to be appealing.  It kills me that some of this stuff doesn’t get recycled or goodwilled or composted. However, to […]


I’ve hit a wall of maturity! Well may be not maturity, but somehow that line comes to mind when I think of life changes. I remember a friend in high school laying that epiphanic line on myself and some of his all-of-the-sudden immature friends. It was a sea change moment for him. We didn’t get […]