Accomplish a lot….

My father always said,

“you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.” ~ Big Jim

I am living proof of that.
I have a subconscious that covertly aids the procrastinator in me. I have been meaning to get started writing for sometime. I can list any number of excuses here, but they all provide no measure of relief to my frustration in having not been posting my thoughts. I should have been writing more all along the journey, and in the recent months after, if only for my kids. I owe them my thoughts, as once I am gone, they will be left only with questions about their Dad like I am for the guy I quoted above. There we will be things they know, and that which they don’t. Leaving only memories and questions. So should I get over my subconscious hurdle of “not writing” – these words will be for those two kiddos that make this world so great. (Sorry, I always over share, so I suppose overwriting, will come pretty natural to me.)

I hope to get rolling recounting our trip, scheming new adventures, and attempting to make some of you laugh. I will continue to get inspiration from others (below) who do a much better job than I, and continue on creative adventures that create lasting memories.

San Diego- Month 6… er somethin- Now heading home for a visit

To say I am overwhelmed might be an overstatement, but probably not.
We’ve been on this trip for 6 months. Just the 6 of us. 4 humans, 2 dogs. It has been awesome, see Facebook posts (they must be having the time of their lives our friends say!).
And it has been tough, (in a very 1st world way), I don’t post pics of us arguing, lost, or yelling at the kids (we are always cognizant of the fact we are afforded this opportunity by being born in this country, well at least Liz and I are, Hooper doesn’t care). There are days Liz and I are whooped, and nights like last night that we sleep at a rest stop, draped over with kids and dogs.

We’ve seen a fair chunk of arguably the most beautiful part of the country (world – by the number of foreign folks) the southwest 4 corners area. We now sit in San Diego, California, a city I always wanted to visit. We will be here for 3-4 weeks. Most people don’t get that opportunity. We will soak up as much as we can. In the middle of this visit we will return home to Easton Maryland, to attend a charity event I started with two sharp minded guys with a pension for silliness. And this is why am overwhelmed with joy, in 2013 I yelled at a guy (from a moving car, this still seems like something you should do) that he had the best beard in Easton. A social media argument ensued, and we decided to start a competition. Why not!?
My experience working with non profits afforded me some knowledge on how to set up the donation aspect of the competition online and the doers aka the sharp witted fellas began recruiting entrants to a beard contest. AND I had a cause. My niece was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and anything I could contribute through this means my family and I would.
Not rocket science, let’s see who can shave and grow the best beard in 2 months. (Speed kills, so we learned in subsequent years that 3 years was more appropriate for the hard core amongst us.)
The first year we made more than we thought we would, the second more than that, and so on. The formula we developed for donors to support bearded faces and the charity of their choice worked! The charities chosen needed the money, were thankful and were quick to explain just how the money helped. Win, Win and Win!

Now as we roll toward the end of the 4th year, we will have raised $50,000 for various charities.

Specifically for Kids, Pets, and Veterans. Watching the money come in from hustling beard growers warms my heart, and keeps me motivated to do more and better with  Cover Your Chin for Charity. To visit my kids hometown and the friends we have there is icing on the cake.  We will most likely settle down somewhere that affords us a view and quick access to hikes into the Rocky Mountains (life is short) but Easton and the great people of that area will always hold a large chunk of my heart.

Cover Your Chin for Charity 3 Stooges